OmneVoice Featured Solutions

Just as we know that every business is different, we also know that every business’ needs are different. As a result we are committed to designing custom solutions for every one of our client-partners – optimized for your unique goals and needs.

Custom application development services enables us to develop the tools you’ll need to meet the needs of your business.

Offering both standard and custom software development solutions, OmneVoice’s Application Development team is ready to create applications to meet your company’s needs. Whether its integration with third party programs and applications or call code identification or virtually anything in between, we can provide the systems and features you need.

We are committed to your success and to delivering the service and support you need to succeed.

Whether it’s on-site technical support, team training or product support, OmneVoice offers a variety of service options for any sized business or budget.

From the initiation of an in-depth needs assessment of your existing infrastructure and business requirements to the development of a comprehensive communication system design from it’s timely installation to the development of an ongoing service and maintenance partnership, OmneVoice Needs Assessment and Design Consulting services will ensure that your OmneVoice developed United Communication system is ready to go and set to deliver the performance and cost-savings you need and expect.

Network Assessment

Our multi-point network assessment ensures that your existing infrastructure is ready to integrate seamlessly and carry ‘voice over IP’ (VoIP) traffic. In the event that we find it can’t accommodate the additional demands, we’ll define, source and install what you’ll need to successfully implement your new system.

The OmneVoice System Needs Assessment review will:

  • Ensure that any required network protocols and standards are supported
  • Confirm that your IT infrastructure is ready to handle the additional demands of VoIP traffic
  • Validate that your WAN technologies are compatible with VoIP
  • Guarantee that network performance (especially factors such as jitter, delay, and data loss) is sufficient to allow for high quality voice and video transmission

System Design

Leveraging years of successful system implementation together with an ongoing commitment to continuing education, OmneCorp’s OmneVoice Needs Assessment and Design team will develop a robust and flexible communication system that will not only reduce cost but improve reliability and performance.

IP Phone System & UC Implementation

OmneCorp’s OmneVoice team of highly skilled and certified technicians will manage the entire installation and implementation process – skillfully supervising any and all third party vendors or service providers, delivering a fully operational and proven communications system on time and budget.

Ongoing Services

OmneVoice offers a wide range of service options and plans that will provide you with the additional support you need to help maintain and safeguard your system.

Technical Needs and Support:

Your OmneVoice communication system has been designed to deliver unmatched performance as well as intuitive management interface. However, should additional technical service or updates be required, we’re always ready to offer a wide-range of personal help and support where and when you need it.

Training Services

Designed from the outset to seamlessly integrate into virtually any business environment, we are happy to provide training and support to all of our client-partners.

Getting the most out of any new business tool is always a challenging prospect, requiring the selection of the proper product as well as the commitment to training your team to be sure that everyone is able to use that new tool to its utmost. OmneVoice offers a variety of training options to help ensure that you and your team are prepared to get the most out of the available features and benefits of your newly integrated communication system.

Unified Communication (UC)

Unified Communication (UC) capabilities put the power of ‘Voice over IP’ technology (VoIP) to work for you – bringing together traditional business telephones, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobile communication and data sharing.pluginworld

Resource Savvy

No matter how clever, a VoIP system that adversely impacts your IT infrastructure or fails to integrate seamlessly can only be judged a failure. That’s why OmneCorp’s OmneVoice on-premises VoIP systems are designed with simplicity, reliability and scalability in mind. Our systems are able to scale data-loads as needed – at one site or even across multiple locations.

Additionally, our browser-based administrative tool allows you and your IT team to manage the system from anywhere on the network. Finally, our systems make adding lines or users as well as enabling or disabling features intuitive and easy. OmneVoice’s on-premises UC system returns control of your communication systems to who it rightly belongs…you.

Stable and Reliable

One of the most important benefits of a business VoIP phone system is its distributed architecture and applications – giving it a high degree of redundancy as well as active and ongoing monitoring. Taken together, this means that OmneVoice’s soundly designed and fully integrated business VoIP systems enjoy an extremely high reliability rate… performance that directly translates to higher productivity for your people and greater profits for your business.

While OmneCorp’s OmneVoice business VoIP Communication Systems are commonly installed on-premises, there is growing interest in what is known as “Virtual Presence” – which means that it is now possible to elect to have your system servers installed, safeguarded and maintained at a remote location. This 360° Hybrid Cloud option offers an exciting new way to optimize your business communications, and the OmneVoice team will help you decide if it’s right for you and your business.

Our on-premises system offers a number of important advantages in addition to on-site control and management, including the ability to enable users to easily identify the availability status of both on-site and remote users at any time – thereby allowing them to decide how best to reach them. Spending less time fruitlessly playing phone-tag or IM / email jockeying, everyone has more time to focus on their tasks and provide value to your clients.