Server consolidation has become one of the most critical elements in any data-storage strategy. Server consolidation is also often the first step in any new application investment strategy as well as a critical component in any performance optimization, technology modernization plan or establishment of a disaster recovery plan. Making the decision to consolidate your servers is easy… developing a plan that ensures optimal performance, enhanced reliability and reduced costs, requires careful planning and expert implementation. OmneCorp has the experience and expertise to solve this challenge for you in a timely and cost-effective manner.

OmneCorp’s in-depth knowledge and expertise of both proprietary and open source virtualization technologies, including VMware and Microsoft HyperVisor allows our Virtual Server consultants to fairly and objectively assess your needs and recommend the solution that best fits your unique needs. Our holistic approach to an organization’s operating environment and virtualization technology life cycle, from planning and assessments to design, implementation and support ensures that you receive the solution that’s right for you.