Keeping up with the latest in technology has become incredibly challenging – and, unless you’re able to dedicate yourself full time, understanding it all well enough to ensure that you’ve put all the different software and hardware pieces together in the best and most cost-effective way possible is virtually impossible. That’s where we come in. OmneCorp’s IT System Needs Assessment and Design Consulting services provide you with custom-made technology strategies that flexible enough able to grow as your business does.


Leveraging our expertise and experience, OmneCorp offers a wide range of IT Outsourcing services that are certain to suit your unique technology needs. The first step in building that unique solution is coming to understanding your company’s true needs… an understanding that account for both your current requirement as well as your long term strategic goal. Our in-depth and efficient examination process includes:

IT System Needs Assessment – Our highly skilled team put both their technology and real-world business expertise to work to assess your current needs and IT systems capabilities. Our ability to provide an independent look at how your IT operations are structured and working allows us to give you the kind of forthright and honest feedback you need to guarantee that your company is positioned to grow and succeed.

If you’ve already invested in an IT system, we’ll review it to ensure that it is optimized for your needs and ready to support any future growth. Or, if you are looking to upgrade or transition to a new, more capable system, we’ll design and implement a custom IT system strategy that maximizes today’s latest hardware and software applications to deliver the ideal plan for you.

Our IT Needs Assessments include evaluations and recommendations of some or all of the following:

  • Current IT technology
  • IT Technology Planning (Technology needs and future-proofing)
  • IT Organization
  • Web Design and Maintenance
  • Application Portfolio
  • IT Management and Controls
  • Operating Performance Review
  • System Implementation and Installation – Ethernet and low voltage wiring installation / voice and data cabling


Implementing Technology – Armed with a deep understanding of your current needs future goals, we’ll design and implement a custom solution that is certain to fit your needs.

And because we realize that no single company can provide every answer to every situation, we have nurtured relationships with a number of key strategic vendor partners to guarantee that we are able to provide you with the optimum solution no matter the need or availability. If your company requires a product or capability outside of our core competence, we’ll source it for you, manage that vendor relationship and make sure that it is integrated seamlessly into your custom solution.

So no matter your network consulting, information technology consulting services, IT outsourcing, IT consulting services, outsourced IT, technical support services, computer security consultants, or small business server consulting need, OmneCorp has the know-how and capability to design and implement the optimal solution.