Most business owners know they should have a business continuity plan in place to ensure that their business can get through a disaster and recover afterward. Often, these plans include crisis management, business procedures and even work site management to name just a few of the most obvious elements. And yet, as important as all of these elements are, one area is often overlooked… IT Disaster Recovery.

In simplest terms IT Disaster Recovery is your company’s plan for how you’ll deal with and prevent IT downtime in the event of a Disaster (environmental, systems, etc.). Given most businesses dependence on technology, the hard truth is that, even if the rest of your business continuity plan works perfectly, if your IT systems go down, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to start operations again.


And while it’s true that there are any number of Disaster Recovery companies out there, many of them are focused on addressing the needs of the larger companies. These solutions, while effective, are also costly – and not especially well suited to small- and mid- sized companies like yours. OmneCorp’s Disaster Recovery solutions put affordable and reliable Disaster Recovery services within your reach.

OmneCorp’s Disaster Recovery Services:

  • Disaster Recovery Plan consulting & testing
  • Customized, Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Application, database & full server backup
  • Full support for off-site replication to customer managed data center
  • Skilled team designs, implements & manages your solution

OmneCorp is dedicated to giving our clients the peace-of-mind to leave their Disaster Recovery planning and management to us – allowing you to focus on your own business and goals. Our carefully designed approach ensures that your data and infrastructure are secure and recoverable no matter what challenges arise.