IT System Needs Assessment and Design Consulting

OmneCorp delivers customized needs assessments and program designs for our client-partners that are certain to meet your unique goals and requirements. We’ll get to know your business and develop a plan that fits both your current needs and long term goals.

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Outsourced IT Support and Management

You know your business… the question is, how much time and resources are you willing to invest in building a truly capable internal IT department? Given the incredible rate of progress and spiraling knowledge base required, your answer should be… none. OmneCorp is your IT management partner, able to provide the knowledge and expertise you need to keep your business running efficiently.

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Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows businesses to move from working within their own IT sphere to using the “cloud” to access technologies they need – any time and any where.

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Unified Communication (UC) / VOIP Consulting / Integration

Given the unforgiving nature of business today and the absolute necessity of reliable, cost-effective 24/7 communication and accessibility, advanced communication solutions are no longer a luxury, they’re essential to the profitability of virtually every business.

At the same time, the increasing integration of voice, data and video networks makes the maintenance of separate systems not only a waste of money, but a barrier to a company’s ability to communicate internally and with clients, vendors. With a Unified Communications Solution from OmneCorp, voice, video, data and mobile applications can be combined into an easy-to-use, media-rich environment in which users can interact with everyone at any time.

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Disaster Recovery Planning and Consulting

OmneCorp’s Disaster Recovery Services ensure that our customers’ data, networks and systems are protected and quickly recoverable on the declaration of a disaster. These services include a complete needs analysis which may include recommendations for redundant hardware, advanced networking architecture, customized backup, recovery solutions as well as integrated implementation plans and vendor selection and management.

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Network Infrastructure Consulting

IT Infrastructure is the technological foundation of your business - the hardware, accessories and even cabling that enable the critical programs and applications your business depends on to run smoothly and reliably.

Your IT infrastructure is vitally important to your success, and we at OmneCorp, we never lose sight of that fact. We manage IT infrastructure with only one idea in mind – what will you need to optimize the programs and applications that you depend on to run your business better. Our consultative services recommend new technology ONLY if it improves reliability or performance – and just as importantly, contributes to the growth and success of your business.

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Server Consolidation Consulting

OmneCorp’s Server Consulting service helps businesses like yours identify their server and application requirements with both your current needs and future goals in mind.

As we familiarize ourselves with your server platform, performance, storage requirements, available resources and infrastructure needs, we’ll develop a custom solution that’s certain to not only reduce costs, increase performance and enhance both reliability and security but also allow you to plan for the anticipated growth and evolution of your company.

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Storage Solutions Consulting

Your company’s success depends on many factors… including the ability of your employees to access, share and retain critical information and data. In fact, it’s a safe bet that success is often directly dependent on how quickly, reliably and securely they can access and store that data… which means that you have to a storage infrastructure that works for your company.

And yet, even knowing how critical efficient storage solutions are, most small and mid – sized businesses give little thought to their data storage needs, often allowing a series of uncoordinated, ad hoc solutions to be implemented as they grow and evolve. While understandable, this incremental approach is, over time, almost certain to lead to massive performance problems, reliability issues and eventually, catastrophic failure. As you look to the future success of your business, let OmneCorp help design, implement and manage a data-storage system that’s right for you today… and tomorrow.

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